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Yoga lesson: approaches to chaturanga

Here I introduce a few simple approaches for developing a strong, core-supported chaturanga.

Some images that may inspire your chaturanga practice include:

  • feeling the movement initiate from the lower belly (下腹部), which we can also call "tan dien" (丹田)

  • feeling the lower belly scooping out ("scoop"はアイスクリームスクープのイメージで良いです。丸くする)

  • initiating the movement with spinal flexion (背骨の屈曲から動き始めること)

To prepare for the posture, you can do the following chaturanga like movements, illustrated in the pictures below.

  • standing, lifting the arms, with the action of the movement coming from the belly (立って、下腹部(丹田)から両腕を頭の上に上げる)

  • child's pose, moving to lying down on the floor  (チャイルドポーズ➡️うつ伏せ)

  • child's pose to push up (チャイルドポーズ➡️chaturanga)

  • lower the knees from plank pose (板のポーズから膝を下す)

  • full chaturanga

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