Tree Yoga Ideas

I'd like to share five "tree yoga" ideas to inspire your outdoor yoga practice.

以下に5つの"tree yoga"のアイディアをシェア致します。

Idea #1: Simple groin stretch and vinyasa flow using a low tree branch (park bench, chair, wall, etc. are also suitable) (木で腿やアキレス腱を伸ばす)

Benefits: deeper breathing, freeing the front body (深い呼吸・体の前側のほぐし)

Poses: supported lunge, supported down dog

Idea #2: Balance practice on an unfamiliar surface in standing poses (立位ポーズでのバランス)

Benefits: Improved balance, stimulation of mechanoreceptors in the feet (バランス能力、足蹠圧受容器 を鍛える

Pose ideas: Warrior poses (warrior 2 below) or tree pose

Idea #3: Use the tree to feel the strength of the back leg in standing poses (木で裏足の強さを感じる)

Benefits: Strengthen the lower body (下半身を鍛える)

Poses: Chair to Warrior 3 to half-moon pose, Warrior 2 & side-angle pose

Idea #4: Use the tree to support you in strength-building poses and inversions (木で筋トレをする)

Benefits: 筋トレ

Poses: handstand prep, wall squat (chair pose)

Idea #5: Meditate in a tree (瞑想)

Benefits: 心が落ちづく、リラックスできる

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