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Halloween Ideas

October is a great month for teaching English and Yoga.

Halloween offers the opportunity to cover many teaching points.

In yoga, the 'Dem Bones song is a fantastic tool for teaching children about the parts of the body and how they're connected.

Halloween themes can also "take shape" in the form of yoga poses such as:

* witch's hat (downward dog)

* witch's broom (chair pose)

* pumpkin (child's pose)

* black cat (cat & cow)

For English teaching, I prepared my elementary school students to give presentations about their costumes at the Halloween party. They built their Trick-or-treat! speeches using the following pattern:

I'm (character).

I have...

I can...

My example: I'm a skeleton. I have bones. I can dance.

A Grim Reaper thus learned to say, "I have a hatchet," while a child considering being a Zombie learned, "I can eat people." Kimetsu-no-yaiba gave us the sentence: "I can breathe mist." A witch learned about prepositions by memorizing the phrase: "I can make candy with magic."

You can see in the pictures below the variety of games, food, activities, and decorations we had at the Halloween party.

A quick run-down of Halloween-inspired party ideas include:

* ghost-shaped rice balls

* pumpkin-shaped finger sandwiches

* Halloween pass-the-parcel (Kids have to practice: What's in the box/bag?)

* Halloween bingo

* Pumpkin decoration

and so on...

I hope this inspires you in future years!

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