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Congratulations to a Student Who Passed EIKEN Grade 1 (英検一級を合格した生徒さんの声)

A student recently passed EIKEN Grade 1. I asked if he'd provide an evaluation of my lessons, and he ended up writing an essay! I am proud of him, so I will share what he wrote. (I made only a few minor corrections.) Here's what he wrote about my lessons:

Thanks to Brooke's diligent and sincere teaching, I passed Eiken grade 1 exam in a relatively short timeframe.

Originally I had been studying English all by myself, but I often felt difficulty in making another breakthrough. So I started to seek a highly skilled English teacher in my neighborhood. That's when I came across Brooke!

My goal was to pass the exam in a few months without wasting time, so I needed to rush to improve my English composition skill effectively in order to compensate for my poor listening ability, which would require much more time to raise.

That must have been a troublesome and annoying request for teachers, but Brooke offered me awesome lessons in reply.

I proceeded steadily lesson by lesson -in fact it was a struggle though-along with her motivating and cheering tutorials. Her precise and natural revision really worked effectively for me, since a month later I ended up scoring 80% on the composition exam!

She also provided me useful interview lessons full of repartees on a broad range of current affairs. She always arranged the contents of the interview lessons according to my skill, preference, or whatever I asked. So every class was perfectly bespoken for my Eiken accomplishment.

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