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Autumn-themed Kids Yoga and English Ideas

I love autumn (fall).

I enjoy the cooler (but not yet cold) weather, the food, and the change in the color of the leaves.

In the past I've taught children lessons on "santosha," which roughly translates as "gratitude," in the autumn season. This year, I've been teaching the following mantra this season:

I'm strong.

I'm thankful.

I'm giving.

I'm safe.

I'm at peace.

Each statement is associated with a different posture, including prayer in front of the heart for "I'm thankful."

I also like teaching a simple sequence of autumn poses:

acorn (child's pose) ==> mountain (downward dog) ==> tree (tree pose) ==> leaf (star pose) ==> falling leaves (wide-angled forward fold) ==> back to acorn!

This can be repeated a few times before challenging older children with "crow" (picture below).

It's fun to sing "Autumn leaves are falling down" to the tune of "London bridge is falling down" in leaf pose. Autumn leaves also lead to nice lessons about colors and questions like, "What color do you like?"

Leaves: An Autumn Pop-up Book, shown in the picture above, is also a huge hit.

Have fun planning autumn-themed lessons! I'd love to here from you if you are inspired by any of my ideas - or want to share some of your own!

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