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I offer group and personal lessons online.








The 10-minute video shown above is an example of a bilingual (Japanese and English) group yoga lesson.

Group lessons are held 12 times a month at the following times.

* Tuesday 9:30 15-minutes meditation instruction in English and Japanese + question time (4x/month)

* Wednesday 20:30 45-minutes yoga instruction in English and Japanese + question time (4x/month)

* Friday 9:30 45-minutes meditation and yoga instruction in English only+ question time (3x/month) 

Teaching points focus on yoga and English language instruction. Lessons are intended for all English language levels, from beginners to native-level English speakers. In particular, native speakers of English studying Japanese or interested in Japanese culture, yoga teachers interested in making their classes more accessible to non-native level English speakers, and yoga practitioners who simply want to participate in mindful, gentle lessons may benefit from this service.

First lesson (trial lesson) is FREE. After that, I offer two plans.

The LIGHT GROUP LESSON PLAN includes up to 4 lessons per month. Cost is 2000 yen/month.

The FULL GROUP LESSON PLAN includes includes all 12 lessons, recordings of all lessons, English language and yoga instruction materials, and homework check/English question & answer over Line.

Cost is 4000 yen/month.

I also offer PRIVATE LESSONS in English language instruction and yoga.

Private lessons may be particularly beneficial to yoga students who want help adapting their practice to particular health challenges. Above all, private yoga lessons offer clients the chance to dedicate time to personal self care with the motivation of a caring teacher.

For more information, email me at, call me at 080-2011-4474, or send a message via the contact form below.

You can also book an online private lesson by contacting me via the form below:

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