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I offer lessons in my spacious, open living room in the Takeishi-ichoume, Hanamigawa-ku area of Chiba.

My home is about a 10-minute walk from JR Makuhari (Sobu line) station and 12-minute walk from Keisei Makuhari.

My home is a five-minute walk from the Hanamigawa Cycling Course for those who walk or ride a bicycle from Kaihin Makuhari or north Chiba.

Contact me or book a lesson for detailed video directions to my door from any of these locations. If you are driving, I will give you the appropriate landmark for GPS.

The studio is well-stocked with yoga and other fitness props made from natural fibers, including 100% cotton blankets, cork blocks, cotton belts, resistance bands, soba bean pillows with 100% cotton covers, and soft cork mats (¥300 rental). Two cars can park in the driveway, and one can park on the street in front of our house. If you plan to drive, please indicate this when you book your group class. If you are the fourth person to indicate need for a parking spot, I'll ask you to park in a nearby parking lot, such as Welcia or a 500-yen paid parking lot near there.


There is no shower, but a small tatami room serves as a changing area.

Don't hesitate to e-mail (, call, or message me below if you have any questions! I'll get back to you ASAP.

Phone: 080-2011-4474


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