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About Brooke Lathram-Abe, M.A., RYT 500

My mission in life is to observe the world I inhabit with an open mind and communicate clearly with others about what I observe. Years of yoga practice and language study have revealed to me the interconnectedness of the body and verbal communication. With this in mind, I offer creative lessons that combine movement and meditation experiences (including yoga, fitness, and dance) with opportunities for self-expression to children and adults.

Since 2016, I have been instructing yoga and combined English conversation & yoga classes at a preschool, in yoga studios, and in parks in the greater Chiba area.  I also offer small-group and private lessons at my home studio in north Makuhari. 


I also provide high-quality Japanese-English translation, proofreading, and editing services, particularly in the field of English language education. I have worked on a number of projects for major publishing companies, including SANSHUSHA Publishing Co., Ltd., KADOKAWA, and IBC Publishing. For more information on these books, see Translation & Editing Services.


In my previous career, I worked as a statistician for the U.S. government and as a marketing research project manager at an online research company in Tokyo. I  draw from a wide range of interests and past experience to help clients communicate clearly, creatively, and effectively.


M.A. in Asian Studies (Japan focus), University of Michigan (2008)

B.A. in Mathematics, summa cum laude, Rice University (2004)

RYT-500 Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance

Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1


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English Version⁣

I join the full online plan. Her lessons are always full of discoveries! She teaches us with plenty of her own knowledges and experiences.⁣ And also her instructions are clear and easy to understand. I enjoy her lessons every time and after the lesson I feel comfortable. On the other hand, she answers my question quickly with kind. I can learn yoga skills and English at the same time. If you want to learn yoga and English, I highly recommend her! That’s for sure that you will be fun to learn.

~Noriko.O, online English yoga student⁣


Thanks to Brooke's diligent and sincere teaching, I passed Eiken grade 1 exam in a relatively short timeframe.


​~T.T., a student who passed EIKEN Grade 1 (check out my blog post to read his full evaluation)

もともと英語を習っていて、その流れでヨガも習うようになりました。以前からヨガもとても興味があったので、英語でヨガを教えてもらえて一石二鳥です。リフレッシュできるしストレスも軽減される気がします。たまにレッスンお休みすると体調も悪くなる気がします。やはり体調がよくなったことです。風邪をひきにくくなりました。 毎朝散歩の時習った呼吸法をすると、気管がすうっと通った感じで、とてもすっきりします。疲れた時やストレスを感じた時もこの呼吸法をするとスッキリします。

~K.M., long-time private lesson student

Thank you, Brooke. You are a wonderful person and teacher! After class I always feel calmer and grounded. I feel relaxed and stress-free. Always looking forward to the next yoga session.

~G. O., participant in group yoga lessons


~M.T., parent of child in Kids' Yoga

ビデオ撮影は事前に準備をして下さり、 日程変更もなく時間にも正確でスムーズな進行ができました。 





~M.T., client for video performance and translation services


-K.S., participant in 8-week "English Language Course for Exercise Instructors"




-フリーランス編集者•ライター 余田志保様

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